O P E R A   D E L   F U T U R O

i m p r o v i s e d   &   e x p e r i m en t a l   b y

B U R A K  Ö Z D E M I R   &   M U S I C A   S E Q U E N Z A

H a n d e l   S t i l l   S e m e l e – Köln Philharmonie

P e r g o l e s i    L a   S e r v a   P a d r o n a – Radial System V

M o n t e v e r d i    S k i n – D e e p   P l u g i n s –  Kitkat Club

P u r c e l l    D i d o   &   S t r a n g e r – Kitkat Club

Ma r a i s   B l a c k   B a c c h u s – Radial System V

Opera del Futuro Burak Ozdemir Musica Sequenza 1a

Burak Özdemir   Concept, Bassoon
Larisa Navojec    Choreography, Dance
Jiri Bartonovec    Choreography, Dance
Christian Nujster    Choreography, Dance
Ludwig Obst    Voice
Marie Lou Jaquard    Voice
Magdalena Motyl , Voice
Diana Ramirez   Voice
Jochen Schneider    Dramaturgy
Burcu Özdemir    Videography, Costume
Daniel Mulder    Communication Design
Charles Klein    Set Design
Jörg Bittner    Light
Carlo Grippa    Sound

Burak Özdemir & Musica Sequenza present Opera del Futuro, a new interdisciplinary project, launched on specific creative platforms as Radial System V Berlin, Berlin Early Music Biennale, Kitkat Club, Baruch Performing Arts Center, The Juilliard School and Lincoln Center New York to support powerful encounters between voice artists, dancers, musicians, designers, architects and actors. The architecture for Opera del Futuro is one the most dramatic protagonists itself. Each episode bases on an existed baroque opera, where independent artistic approach causes a recomposing action. The original work is confronted by the research-based aspects of experimental theater and not-existed performance techniques until it is pushed to very limits. The unexpected and un-dogmatic perspectives within the project bring the unseen to the eye, the unheard to the ear. The free improvisation helps the forms melt into new ones and creates new theatrical colors , not only in musical or scenic terms, but also within the dramatic contents and structures.