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b  e  d

Where ideas become fluid.. Concerns disappear.

The world around you fades out.

And the souls meet,

At horizon.

Burak & Musica Sequenza explore an extraordinary way of listening, meant to serve as an invitation to dream. While listening to 11 uninterrupted pieces, the audience is sent into a trance-like state, where their passive participation becomes part of the merging artwork. All of these pieces conjure dreamy states. Ideas become fluid and flexible. The world around you fades into a gentler place.

Burak’s passion for spiritual music, reflected in his essential projects „Silent Cantata“ and “Atlas Passion”, is now expanded in an exquisite modern form, where an utopist audio-visual landscape surrounds the reclining listeners.

„Bed“ is an interactive modality, whereby the audience connects to their inner self, to the energy of the other participants and to the immersive architectural space, created by the musical and visual elements.

Compositionally it combines baroque music with today’s new age lyricism. In „Bed“ the music grows into a tender and pervasive part of the total environment, almost like a lullaby, these sonic motions gather in a virtual cloud, transporting the listeners and making them fell like they are living inside this utopian world.

The work is committed to people of today and the torrent of information that many of us face every day. We all have to make multiple choices, so that our minds are pushed to the limits, „Bed“ becomes a pause and a place for us to recalibrate. It’s a place, in which the listeners can settle for a while and emerge, when they are ready to rejoin the restive world.