DEVAS – the divine deities in Hinduism, are associated with various aspects of the cosmos and integrated in the cycle of human life; birth, aging and dying. Composer and bassoonist Burak has created his new work, entirely based on the mythology and spirituality of the Indian supernatural Demigods; DEVAS. After his choreographic sound installation HERMES, Burak once again guides his audience through an astonishing world of ancient legends. DEVAS merges the authentic Indian sounds with world music, jazz, neoclassical and electronica genres.

All the tracks in the album are recorded and produced by Burak and Ensemble Musica Sequenza. The mixing is directed by Argentinian sound engineer Alejandro Mosso in Berlin. Star singer Natacha Atlas has a solo appearance on the song SHIVA. The ensemble is casted by voice, bassoon, sitar, strings, Indian percussions and Burak’s latest electronic sounds.


BURAK  composition, voice & baroque bassoon
TIM WILLIS  baroque violin
MIAKO KLEIN  baroque violin
CHANG YOO  baroque viola
LINDA MANTCHEVA  baroque cello
CENGIZ OZDEMIR  percussions
CHARLIE ZHANG  plucked instruments


01 KAMADEVA – The deity of love
02 SHIVA – The destroyer
03 INDRA – The deity of storm
04 SOMA – The deity of moon
05 AGNI – The deity of fire
06 VAYU – The deity of wind
07 CHANDRA – The deity of night
08 BONUS: SAMUDRA – The deity of sea