the uncontrollable love

20. February 2024
Badisches Staatstheater
Nicolo Balducci (Countertenor)
Dominik Höss (Dance)

5. June 2024
St. Georgen Kirche
Anders Dahlin (Tenor)
László Sandig (Dance)

18. January 2025
Music House Istanbul
Nicolo Balducci (Countertenor)
László Sandig (Dance)

Burak Özdemir . Concept & Baroque Bassoon
Annie Gard . Concertmaster
Edi Kotlyar . Baroque Violin
Semion Gurevich . Baroque Violin
Kaori Kobayashi . Baroque Violin
Kerstin Dewan . Baroque Violin
Chang Yun Yoo . Baroque Viola
Linda Mantcheva . Baroque Cello
Mirjam Wittulski . Contrabass
Tilmann Albrecht . Harpsichord
Pedro Alcacer . Theorbo

AMOUR FOU is the new augmented concert series by the internationally acclaimed composer and bassoonist Burak Özdemir and his baroque ensemble Musica Sequenza. Perhaps the most incredible arias ever written Händel, will be presented in AMOUR FOU as a choreographic performance work. The pasticcio program combines ecstatic opera arias by Händel and tells a dazzling love story between three inter-disciplinary soloists. The passionate emotions; joy, pain, envy, hate and sorrow are brilliantly portrayed between the characters; a bassoonist, a singer and a dancer as ‘the uncontrollable love affair’. The plot is designed for ‘the couple and their +1’ and the artists of the project use the space for their structured improvisations to create unexpected outcomes. Özdemir’s baroque bassoon, the unique voice of countertenor Nicolò Balducci and the modern dance by choreographer Dominik Höss (Jazzaret Dance Company) will be accompanied by the historical performance ensemble Musica Sequenza on period instruments of the 18th century. “Love and pain have been immutable since ancient times. In music they are portrayed as ‘affects’ with carefully contoured lines between them. These universal feelings from the past are among our most valuable heritage. Only through these feelings, we can stay close to each other,” explains Burak Özdemir.

With powerful yet delicate colors in his voice, Nicolò Balducci as the ultimate countertenor on these unimaginably beautiful arias as well as duets, in which star bassoonist Burak Özdemir becomes Balducci’s duet partner. The breathtaking dialogue between Nicolò Balducci and Burak Özdemir can be experienced live on stage for the very first time. The project also includes choreographic works by Dominik Höss of the dance company Jazzaret Dance Karlsruhe. The only stage element of the performance is an immersive video art, produced by the designer and visual artist Burcu Özdemir to create an augmented performance experience.

“Händel should be a role model for artists today, especially when they’re afraid of large-scale projects.“ Händel worked extremely hard for his operas. He took career risks: sometimes he earned, sometimes he lost, but he always followed his vision, that vocal music should become a part of the world culture,” explains Özdemir. After his internationally recognized productions SAMPLING BAROQUE (Deutsche Harmonia Mundi), MORPHINE (Händel Festspiele Halle), STILL SEMELE (Kölner Philharmonie), AMOUR FOU is Özdemir’s fourth creation based on the music of Händel. With its deeply sensual arias and extraordinary visuals, AMOUR FOU draws a new cycle around Händel’s music, that will amaze us listeners in the most striking ways.

Live Performance
Live Performance