inferno burak sasha waltz jiri bartovanec roberta mameli bargello musica sequenza 1


a Burak Özdemir & Musica Sequenza production in collaboration with Sasha Waltz & Guests and the Friends of Bargello Foundation

Burak Özdemir, composition & artistic director
Jiri Bartovanec, choreography
Roberta Mameli, soprano
Dancers of Sasha Waltz & Guests
Ensemble Musica Sequenza
Carlo Grippa, sound
Jörg Bittner, light
Burcu Eryilmaz, costume
Daniel Mulder, production design

INFERNO, internationally touring composer Burak Özdemir’s latest work, is based on Dante’s epic poem “Divine Comedy”. The work is designed as a sonic space choreography and created for the Bargello Museum, as an homage to Dante’s 700th year of death. Following on from “Atlas Passion” (State Theater Schaffhausen 2018) and “Still Semele” (Cologne Philharmonic 2019), Özdemir is with INFERNO again creating a choreographic work within a specific architectural environment. Özdemir combines his original compositions with Italian Renaissance music by as well as Dante’s poetry as the core for this masterpiece. The nucleus of Özdemir’s exhibition-like performance piece is complemented by a baroque soprano, dancers, musicians as well as light- and sound designers in a choreographic dialogue. The structure of the piece is overlaid on the architecture of one of the most significant buildings of Europe; the Bargello museum of Florence.

The project has Lapo Tedesco’s grand architecture as its centre, using the space as the dramaturgical foundation of the work. The choreographic staging indicates the parcours and the boundaries between territories. In the course of the performance the artists in rooms, corridors, staircases and foyer, pass through various installations, separating the world of the current living (Reality) from the timeless existence (Spirituality). The audience first experiences the subtle collective ideas upon entering the environment of Bargello.

They gather in the courtyard, where the very first performing sculptures are to be discovered. By audio and visual signals, the audience is gently guided along the path and visits the rooms of Bargello, installed with inter-disciplinary performances (living sculptures). Finishing the tour is completing the cycle (Ring); the audience is brought back to the starting point to experience the epic finale.

The music for INFERNO is a contemporary study on Italian Renaissance, affected by soulful arias and radical instrumental passages, which are deeply reimagined on Özdemir’s score. The artists will be dispersed throughout performance space, in unexpected combinations along with the dancers, instrumentalists and the soloist singer. The ensemble Musica Sequenza performs on historical instruments of the century. The title role is sung by the magnificent baroque soprano Roberta Mameli, who has regularly solo appearances at Staatsoper Berlin, La Scala and Elbphilharmonic. Choreographer Jiri Bartovanec, a core-member of the Sasha Waltz & Guests Compagnie, is committed to the work as well as the company dancers. Sasha Waltz & Guests and Burak Özdemir have already performed on numerous productions including “Dialoge” at the Festival d’Avignon, “Zuhören” at Radial System V and “Figure Humaine” at Elbphilharmonic in Hamburg.