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COLORAMA , was created by Burak & Ensemble Musica Sequenza as a performance platform for children to bring them in dialogue with fine arts and classical music simultaneously. 15 children join 15 professional musicians on stage where they listen to the classical music pieces being performed live. While the kids are being inspired by the live music, they are asked to paint on their tablets, their creations being based on what the musical song is bringing into their imagination. Within each four-minute musical interlude, the children  paint figures from their fantasy world. These works are simultaneously being projected onto a large screen on the stage, so that the audience can experience first hand how each child responds.  The ten musical pieces, let children paint ten collages, that are created by 15 kids on the stage together. At the end of the performance, the children receive these ten paintings, which they created in collaboration an thus become a part of the online Colorama Community on There they can see their collage paintings and leave comments. The project’s goal is to create a global artistic community for children, focusing on fine arts and classical music and children’s creative response to and through these art forms.