12 borders  12 centuries  12 songs

INTERMINATA is a new performance work by Burak Özdemir that presents the audience with the sacred music of different cultures in an innovative way. A multilingual and spiritual program that combines the cultural heritage of different regions with unique timbres. The program is based on three new sacred compositions by Burak Özdemir and sacred music by Johann Sebastian Bach, Georg Friedrich Händel, Francesco Cavalli, Jean Philippe Rameau, Henry Purcell, Stefano Landi, as well as the mystical works by Eastern composers; Dimitrie Cantemir, Farrokhi Sistani and Abu al Hasan Shushtari, where Jewish and Muslim prayers come into dialogue with Western church music. With INTERMINATA, Burak Özdemir illuminates the lost legacy of human spirituality. The program questions the impact of global trade flows and everyday materialism on our soulful existence. The fluid atmosphere of the work creates a subtle and mystical state of weightless levitation in super-balance. INTERMINATA explores the human auditory limits, whether we can reach into utopian fantasy landscapes, where the beauty of daydreaming can be witnessed through a highly concentrated listening. With its transparent and spiritual aspects, INTERMINATA unites us on a universal island of divine reality.


Burak Özdemir, concept, bassoon
Diana Ramirez, soprano
Annie Gard, violin
Kaori Kobayashi, violin
Chang Yoo, viola
Linda Mantcheva, cello
Mirjam Wittulski, contrabass
Tung Han Fu, harpsichord
Charlie Zhang, lute
Sebastian Flaig, percussion