Burak Özdemir . Artistic Director & Baroque Bassoon
Margret Bahr . Soprano
Tim Willis . Baroque Violin
Miako Klein . Baroque Violin
Chang Yoo . Baroque Viola
Linda Mantcheva . Baroque Cello
Mirjam Wittulski . Baroque Contrabass
Cengiz Özdemir . Organ
Charlie Zhang . Theorbo
Carlo Grippa . Sound

HÄNDEL MORPHINE – an utopian sono synthesis

After his milestone Händel productions “Sampling Baroque / Handel” (commissioned by Händel Festspiele Halle 2015) and “Still Semele” (commissioned by Kölner Philharmonie 2019) Burak Özdemir develops with HÄNDEL MORPHINE a new performance piece, based on the structure of a sound installation. The music, a delicate selection of G. F. Händel’s 11 transcendental arias, will be performed as one live set, by soprano, baroque ensemble and sound design in a collage. The atmosphere in this artistic blend creates a subtle and spiritual state of being weightless floating in super-balance. Händel’s arias are considered to be the most timeless songs of European musical culture. Three centuries later, these songs still speak to our souls and activate our deepest emotions without the slightest hint of aging. Özdemir researches in his work HÄNDEL MORPHINE the audial limits of an human ear, whether we can reach out to utopian fantasy landscapes, where the vulnerability and beauty of a daydreaming can be witnessed through a highly concentrated listening experience. HÄNDEL MORPHINE with its virgin, transparent and ultimately surrounding aspects, unites us listeners on an invisible and universal island of sonic existence.

The performance duration is 75 minutes – No intermission.