INFERNO – the latest work of internationally acclaimed composer Burak Özdemir, is based on the great poem “Divine Comedy” by Alighieri Dante. The work is designed as a choreographic parkour performance, commemorating the 700th year of Dante’s death.

INFERNO is a curated journey through Dante’s late life and his political struggles after being sentenced to death in Florence. The work raises important questions about political and religious subjects in the 14th century, which can be compared with those the world faces in the 21st century, thus creating a connection between Dante and today’s contemporary artists throughout the world. The performance building itself becomes the stage for INFERNO and the audience follows a unique path to witness Dante’s story, told by an inter-disciplinary artist collective. 

The music of INFERNO is a contemporary study on Italian Renaissance, performed by the magnificent soprano Roberta Mameli and the eleven musicians of the Ensemble Musica Sequenza, who play on period instruments of the 17th century. Dante’s perhaps most enigmatic verses on human nature, faith, politics and religion are integrated onto the musical score of INFERNO.

The artist collective for INFERNO is made up of a soprano, ten dancers, eleven musicians, as well as light, sound and costume designers in an emotive and dreamlike choreographic dialogue. Company Sasha Waltz & Guests participates in the project with ten company dancers. Sasha Waltz and Burak Özdemir have previously performed together on numerous productions, including “Dialogue” at the Festival d’Avignon, “Zuhören” at the Radial System V and “Figure Humaine” at the Elbphilharmonie.

The total performance duration is 65 minutes without intermission.